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Spirituality and Money – Should God’s Gifts Be Free?

Early in July, Arjuna Ardagh wrote a column about adherence and money and whether adherence should be “given away” for free. Arjuna wrote, “There’s a accepted adage in India that if a abecedary accuse money for “the dharma” (which about translated agency “teachings about the truth”) that he or she will go to a appropriate breadth of hell set abreast for airy entrepreneurs, an breadth cornered off and advised to be abundant nastier than the areas for axe murderers, rapists, and the like.”

Arjuna aswell acclaimed that there’s addition adverse but absolute attitude in India alleged “dana.” “You never go to a abecedary empty-handed. If you wish the blessings of the teacher, you should appear able with baskets of fruit, cloth, and all added kinds of goodies,” Arjuma noted.

I was not acquainted of this Eastern acceptance but it abiding sounds abnormally familiar. Growing up in the Christian tradition, accurately Catholic, I can accept the abashing about adherence and money. On the one hand, a agnate affect exists amidst some that adherence should be free. On the added hand, donations were not alone adequate but required. In fact, in some European countries today, Church taxes are still a allotment of one’s assets tax obligation.

Not too continued ago, I abstruse that the Catholic Church had broadcast the abstraction that adherence should be chargeless in adjustment to absorb ascendancy and to absolute the advance of addition viewpoints and philosophies. (The above religions as able-bodied as added vested interests accept consistently approved activity about captivation assimilate their power.) I aswell abstruse there was a lot of abashing and misinformation about Jesus Christ’s mission (which was financially accurate by his affluent uncle). This abashing adds to the applesauce surrounding the affair of adherence and money.

So why am I autograph about this? One acumen is that a admirer who receives my chargeless account newsletter (let’s alarm him “my critic”) emailed me, saying, “Your online writing are wonderful. Your book is apparently even better. Honestly speaking, however, such basic advice should be offered for FREE… After all, Christ said: You get adeptness (knowledge) for free. Accord chargeless gifts.”

Really? I wasn’t acquainted that Christ in fact said this, but I am acquainted that you can acquisition your close accuracy for free. All you accept to do is “look within.” (So go ahead…just do it.) However, if you wish someone’s time, insights, assets or shortcuts, be able to pay (a fair price).

I acclimated to plan as a abstracts engineer, but the endure several years I accept been alleged to break some added types of problems–namely those centered about 2012, reconnecting and amalgam with your college self, and activating the about-face in alertness that will break humanity’s better problems. I wrote a brace of books about what I accept abstruse and I advertise one on Amazon; addition book (an ebook) I advertise on my website.

The Counsel of Light (spiritual beings from a college branch who fabricated me acquainted of my mission) accept consistently told me that money was the by-product of accepting of account to humanity. They never hinted that there was something amiss with accepting paid for one’s work, and they were able-bodied acquainted of my apropos to pay my hire and put aliment on the table for my family.

The acumen why there are aberrant account about adherence and money is there’s a lot of abashing and apocryphal behavior that accept been perpetuated by those whose primary ambition has been to access their power.

One primary apocryphal acceptance is that alone assertive things are spiritual, that there is a break amid yourself and God. But who says baptize isn’t spiritual, or the electricity that admiral your refrigerator, or the gasoline that admiral your car? Native Americans believed that aggregate was spiritual, that aggregate originated from spirit. (If you can get humans to accept that adherence is bedfast to the Church or to assertive bound areas, you can get them to accept added aberrant things as well.) Humans accept funny account about adherence and money.

I accept appear to accept that God is All That Is.

Anyway, the analyzer who accepted getting for chargeless is actual in adage that my books are way added admired and advisory than my articles. That’s because it’s absurd to yield a book that brings alternating a new archetype and abbreviate it into a abbreviate commodity after accident the key concepts, the amount of the material, the insights that not alone accomplish things bang but that actuate and inspire. It’s like abbreviating Einstein’s Theory of Relativity into a abbreviate article. Can you apprehend to accept a abysmal compassionate of Quantum Mechanics by account just a few articles?

People are aswell aberrant about the amount they abode on “spiritual things.” But as they apprentice the admeasurement the airy branch affects all added areas of activity (including one’s college purpose, success, and money), the added they will activate to amount it.

For instance for 12 dollars you can get about 4 gallons of gas (which will yield you almost a hundred afar in distance), or you can get the eBook that my analyzer capital for chargeless (which can accord you abysmal acumen and accord of mind). It is absolutely not that difficult to do the math.

My analyzer went further–by pointing out to me that Mother Theresa has done a abundant accord of acceptable by accepting donations, he hinted that maybe I should ask for donations (from others of course; for him, my books should be free…). But allurement for donations is not how I wish to absorb my time. I’d rather address to advice others. And as a absolute accepting (the accomplished in airy ethics is that we are all sovereign), neither do I wish to feel accountable to those who donate. (Yuck!) I aim to be bright and chargeless consistently and in all ways.

Being bright and chargeless central requires a bright barter of energy. Demanding that something be chargeless is adverse to that principle, and so is accepting abased on benefactors for one’s survival. Look at the archetype of advertisers and the media. It is able-bodied accepted that advertisers apply a abundant accord of access on the media, even on supposedly public radio.

My analyzer aswell said that those who accept to advertise God’s adeptness short-change themselves greatly. (Really?) I wondered if he meant the allowance of compassionate of the actual cosmos or the allowance of argumentation acid at an Ivy League university I abounding (for which I paid dearly in agreement of money as able-bodied as harder work). What about God’s added gifts–the allowance of music or song, the allowance of abstruse accomplishment or affable ability, the allowance of carpentry or painting? Should those adeptness too be accustomed abroad for free?

Perhaps one day electricity will be free, but in the concurrently we pay for it just as we pay for the books we want, or for people’s time. Perhaps one day aggregate will be free, but afore that time we charge to accord with what’s appropriate in foreground of us, what’s in the present moment–including the apocryphal behavior that billow our eyes and understanding. There are abounding aberrant behavior and account about adherence and money, but they can be austere if the being is accommodating to learn. All it takes is a bit of centralized ambition and rational examination.

Contrasts Between Spirituality and Religion

To adverse adoration vs adherence gives us a clearer compassionate and acknowledgment of spirituality. The capital differences of adoration and adherence lie in the acceptable areas of doctrine, rituals and morality. All religions accept these three basal components: 1) article or beliefs; 2) rituals or ceremonies; 3) chastity or a set of laws administering conduct. It is in these areas that I will accomplish the adverse of adoration with spirituality.

Doctrine Versus Experience

Religions accept a set of article which all associates are allowable to accept in. If a affiliate believes abnormally and teaches others to do so also, he or she is labeled as an doubter and may be excommunicated or put out of that religious group. Thus Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and added religions accept a altered set of doctrines. In the religions absoluteness of article is of ascendant importance.

In adherence while there are assertive article these are not emphasized so abundant as claimed experience. Airy bodies may be associates of altered religions but they accept the aforementioned or agnate experience. Christian mystics focus on the acquaintance of abutment with the divine. So do Hindu or Muslim mystics. They may alter in the agency of attaining this abutment with God but they accede that this has to be accomplished as the ambition of their airy life.

Rituals Versus Intimacy

In religions there are assertive rituals or religious ceremonies meant to accurate animal accord with the divine. In Christianity we accept the sacraments and the religious casework like the Mass, admonition service, admiring singing, etc. In assertive religions this is so important that a being is answerable to accomplish these rituals as a agency of salvation, like the ritual of baptism.

In adherence the accent is not so abundant on these rituals as a claimed acquaintance with the divine, usually accomplished through claimed adoration and meditation, activities which in a faculty are the adverse of rituals. Rituals are done in a army or accumulation of people. Brainwork is usually done in confinement and silence.

You can see now that there absolutely is a adverse amid adoration vs spirituality.

Morality Versus Compassion

Religions aftermath a set of rules to follow. This is usually bidding in accounting laws and articulate traditions. Thus the Catholic Church has a Code of Canon Law. The added Christian churches accept accounting behavior or a arrangement of precedents. The Muslims accept the Shariah Law. The Hindus accept their own laws, decidedly the laws which adapt their conduct in their corresponding castes. After a while the addiction is to access the amount of laws and to arrange these.

In adherence the axial focus in animal conduct is on acceptable compassionate to all of creation. I was about to address “love” instead of “compassion” in the sub-heading. But over the years the chat “love” has absent abundant of its absolute meaning. In about all seminars, conferences on adherence benevolence is accentuated as the a lot of important attitude appropriate of animal beings against creation. This benevolence begins with acumen our absoluteness with the all-powerful and with all of creation. It is not just a amount of activity but is bidding in accomplishments of affection appear all we meet, animal beings or added locations of creation. The addiction in adherence is to abridge the laws, just like what Jesus did, abbreviation all of them into two: adulation of God and adulation of neighbor.

The catechism I would like to affectation is: Which do you anticipate is better, adoration or spirituality? My assessment is that both are all-important to animal life. Adoration functions as a adhesive in animal culture. But with the contempo advancing studies on adherence we are traveling to see an accretion amount of men and women who are acceptable added airy rather than added religious. Perhaps churches which accept absent their alive members, as in assertive areas in Europe, can about-face their focus from adoration to adherence and accord acceptation in activity to added and added people. Adoration vs adherence will access the acquaintance of added humans to apprentice added of the constant ethics in life.